What do you do?

Our first meeting is on a "no cost/no obligation" basis.
We sit down with you and listen as you tell us what you want to accomplish. We carefully consider what you tell us, what you want to sell, and the market for your merchandise. We also study the physical arrangement of your home and property. We provide all of the resources needed to sort, organize, display, research, price, advertise, and sell the contents of the home or estate in a professional manner. We provide exceptional attention to detail, with many years of experience identifying and valuing antiques and collectibles and art. We offer a variety of comprehensive services that we can tailor to meet the needs of each client. Then we custom design a unique plan that will most effectively accomplish your goals.

We publicize our sales through newspaper and social media advertising, send out e-mail announcements to our large subscriber list, creat a custom page for your sale on our website, distribute flyers and place professional directional signs in appropriate places for locating your sale.

Throughout the liquidation process, your household contents will be treated with the utmost respect. We understand that you may have many memories associated with the items being sold.

We organize the sale so that related and items which complement one another are together in the same area.

Items are merchandised in an effort to maximize value.  Salespeople are stationed throughout to assist the buyers and to secure the site. Knowledgeable greeters are at the front door - our sales always have a friendly atmosphere.

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About our Pricing System

Our sales are conducted over two days. The second day prices are reduced. Prices are generally not negotiable on the first day. If a person was interested in purchasing an item and did not want to pay the full price, they can leave a bid on the item.

Settlement for the Sale: We maintain a cash drawer during the sale and deposit all proceeds after the sale. At the conclusion of the sale, we generate a report which is sent along with the proceeds to the designated recipient of the Estate within ten days of the sale.

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What kinds of things do you sell?

We have extensive experience selling antiques, furniture, jewelry, artwork, household items, tools, automobiles, and collections of all kinds. We have sold just about everything!

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How do you organize and display items?

We beautiflly stage the entire home.  Our staff is has a seasoned ability to organize and arrange items in the most attractive manner possible so that they will be appealing to potential buyers. Jewelry always has a dedicated attendant. Small valuable items are placed in locked display cases. Large valuable items are placed where they are easy to monitor and safeguard.

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I Have some expensive items that I want a fair price for or I would just as soon keep.
How do I get what they are worth?

Our clients are encouraged to put a reserve price on particularly valuable items.  If the item does not sell for the reserve price and there are bids, we will contact you and you can accept or decline the offer. If the item does not meet reserve price, you may take the item back.

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How do you advertise?

For each sale we develop a tailored promotional campaign that is designed to attract the maximum number of qualified buyers to your sale. We advertise and market your estate using:

  • Targeted internet advertising
  • Social media networks
  • Our dedicated audience of established buyers
  • Our e-mail lists, webpage
  • Flyers for upcoming sales
  • Advertisements in local newspapers,
  • Our professional yellow and black signs.

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What do you do about clean up after the sale?

After the sale is completed, our service removes everything from the home by donating it to the charity of your choice. With a sales rate of 95% of the household contents, donating the left overs is an easy choice. We then sweep and vacuum. The home is left empty and ready for the next step.

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What do you do about worthless checks?

Our service is unique in that we assume total responsibility for any bad checks. We pay you the total receipts of the sale, (less our commission) regardless of any bad checks.  This is particularly important for clients who are not residing in the area.

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What is your commission and what does your commission include?

Our commission depends upon several factors including the nature of the sale items and the labor involved and ranges from 15% to 30%. When you hire us to conduct your Estate Sale you are getting our experience and expertise, our extensive marketing, our ability to sell your property for top dollar, our ability to solve problems for you, all necessary supplies and equipment, trained personnel, advertising, removal of refuse, and freedom from the concerns of receiving bad checks. We apply our management experience, business expertise, product knowledge, people skills, and knowledge of the market and trends to conduct the most successful Estate Sale for you.

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How do I know that you are honest?

We have established an outstanding reputation for honesty, integrity, professionalism, and service. We are a registered and bonded business and a member of the Better Business Bureau. We would be plesed to share our letters of recommendation.  We have received enthusiastic reviews from bank trust departments, local realtors, Military Personell, Lawyers, and many out of state and local retirees.

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Why should I sell my things?

Selling items you no longer need is a wise financial decision! Selling unused items allows you to invest the money, or use the money for other purposes. It can also make more room in your home, give your home a new look, and reduce upkeep, maintenance, or insurance expenses.

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What if I only have a few things I want to sell?

We sometimes accept items on consignment to include in a future Estate Sale, please contact us to find out if we can help you. We can incorporate items into one of our Estate Sales.

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Do I have to attend the sale?

We are very comfortable having you attend the Estate Sale however, most people find it emotionally difficult and prefer to do something else. It’s best to let us handle your sale. We will keep you up-to-date on how the sales is going.

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What should I throw away and what should I keep?

STOP! Do not throw anything away until you have talked with us. The old saying that "one man's trash is another man's treasure" is very true. Practically everything has some value, and we can find a buyer for almost anything.

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How can I find out what my things are worth?

We will come in and assess the items for sale based on fair market value. The only way to find out exactly what an item is worth is to advertise it well, and place it for sale in a competitive public venue that is attended by a number of potential buyers who would like to own the item, and who have the money to buy the item.

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Why shouldn’t I just do my own sale?

A successful sale doesn't "just happen." It takes a considerable amount of time to organize. It requires a wide range of knowledge, trained, experienced, hard working personnel who place attention and emphasis on every detail from pricing to set up. We have seen what happens when an individual, friend, or family member conducts a sale themselves. Too often, the valuable items are sold at "give away prices" and the less valuable items are priced too high. This results in a home that is depleted of its valuable resources and left with the more common, everyday items that must be donated or given away. The result is less money than we can earn for you! You never get a second chance to sell estate property. Make sure it is done right the first time. Selling family heirlooms and memories can be very difficult to detach from.

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My neighbors/ friends want to buy something.
Can't I just sell it myself?

We have seen situations where people have sold items to neighbors, friends, and even the mail carrier for a fraction of their fair market value. Ask yourself if your relationship with the person is such that you want to give the item to them. If it is, then just give the item to them. Otherwise, do not sell anything yourself! An individual simply cannot know fair market values unless they are engaged in selling property on a daily basis.

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What can I do to help?

Consult us first. If possible, we generally ask that you remove from the property any and all items that you would like to keep. If your house is on the market, you may want to us to collaborate with your realtor to have brochures and business cards available during the sale. Other than that, we'll take care of everything. It's not necessary to empty closets, cupboards, shelves and drawers. We do all the work and we handle all the details -- that's what we're here for!

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